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The keratin and collagen hair repair system with the combination of argan oil is the most effective hair regeneration treatment, which perfectly restores the original structure and vitality of your hair. The essence of the treatment is to rebuild your hair with natural keratin and collagen combined with argan oil. The primary building block of our hair is a protein called KERATIN which attributes to as much as 85-95% of our hair structure.

The second most important component of our hair is COLLAGEN, a protein which is present in on third of the human body. Collagen is responsible for anti-aging, cell cohesion, flexibility and structure of our hair. One needs to be aware that after about 25 years of age, the natural collagen production significantly slows down, that is why collagen supplement is required. Failing to do so will render the hair dry, split and matte.

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Thanks to its highly hydrating nature, ARGAN OIL (also known as liquid gold) is the ideal treatment for both dry and oily hair. It also stimulates hair growth, eliminates itchy scalp and nourishes hair bulbs and gives your hair volume and silkiness.

The combination of these three ingredients can perfectly restore the original health and rebuild the structure of your hair in a non-destructive way. The treatment can be applied to all types of hair (coloured, dyed, permed, straightened, etc. and takes about 1.5-2 hours. Post treatment hair care will take a lot less time: your hair will dry faster and hair styling will be much easier.

By repeating the treatment and combining it with our PERSONAL CARE, your hair will keep its excellent natural condition up to 3-4 months.


   Hair Repair System

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Please note that our Professional treatments are only available in Professional Salons and should only be done by a licensed professional, safety precautions should be followed.

Keratin Hair Repair Set

MENO Clarifying Shampoo

Original La-Brasiliana Keratin Treatments with Collagen

Spruzzi Zero La-Brasiliana Keratin Treatments with Collagen

Personal Care

You can safely use our aftercare products at home or in your favorite salon to keep maintain your hair`s health and beauty.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that this treatment as any treatment in your Professional Salon should only be done by a licensed professional and safety precautions should be followed.

  • Can I do the treatment over a Japanese straightener or a relaxer ?

    Yes, but you have to wait at least 2 weeks after.

  • Can I do the treatment after coloring and highlighting ?

    Yes, we recommend you to do the Keratin treatment right after color and highlight in order to lock the color and brings out the the color.

  • Can I do the treatment on virgin hair ?

    Yes, this treatment can be done on any type of hair. Children from the age of 7 can do the treatment also.

  • Can I color my hair after the treatment ?

    Yes, but your should wait at least 2 weeks after.

  • Can I wash my hair after the treatment ?

    After you have done the treatment, you should wait for 4 days. In those period of time, try not to get your hair wet , tie , clip or wear a hat. If your hair happened to get wet , blow dry and flat iron right away. Or, if you get any ridges in your hair, flat iron right away.

  • What kind of shampoo and conditioner can I use after doing the treatment ?

    We recommend you to use La-Brasiliana Keratin After Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain the integrity of the treatment because they do not contain sodium. You should also use Tre Define and Shine serum for a finish touch.

  • Can I use any hair spray , gel , mousse, or any other hair products on my hair during the 4 days period ?


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